After unlearning my own childhood obsession with the police, I’m giving my child the tools to shape his own worldview

The year is 2020. As usual, the news is on in our home, providing a background ambiance for our daily lives. The reporter, a White woman who is almost in tears, describes the latest developments in the murder of Breonna Taylor.

Murder. I use that word deliberately because seldom is…

Women should feel free, but we’re standing in the way

It doesn’t matter what she was wearing. This story would be true regardless of her attire. I would have missed her if it weren’t for the chorus of hecklers that announced her presence. First came the men, at least 20 years her senior, to the right.



Then, the…

We’re taught to hold it in or not feel at all. We’re taught that emotions make us weak. It’s time to unlearn that.

“Want me to give you a reason to cry?”

That was my uncle, and those are the words that reverberate in my mind. I was six years old, frozen, naked, and afraid. Except my experience didn’t involve white people, camera crews, or the survival skills that you’re taught in the…

Jayson Kristopher

Brooklynite focusing on race, mental health, and resilience. Keep reading here: IG: @jayson_kristopher

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